South Sudan crisis

South Sudan is a five-year-old girl

Zeieya was born just before Independence Day in South Sudan on 9 July 2011. What is her life like now, five years after independence?

South Sudan: Our days are long but the needs are great

Lily Rose, a nutrition worker in South Sudan, describes the help that CARE is giving to families and children suffering from food shortages.

South Sudan: To build peace, we need to build prosperity

Peace is what the people of South Sudan have been longing for – women, men and children alike.

South Sudan: Malnutrition crisis in Mayom county

One in three children in Mayom county is acutely malnourished as the ongoing conflict prevents people from planting crops.

South Sudan: The long walk through Guit

CARE's James Terjanian describes his incredible journey to vaccinate children in some of South Sudan's most remote areas.

South Sudan at 4: Where will this fighting lead us?

A better life, better health services, better education for our children – have all those hopes gone now?

Hoping for peace and a future for South Sudan

Hopes were high when South Sudan achieved independence – four years on, peace is essential for the people to find new hope.

South Sudan: Women are the voice of peace

Women and children in South Sudan are bearing the brunt of the ongoing conflict – and they are the ones leading the calls for peace.