South Sudan crisis

South Sudan: Refugees from conflict and hunger

Refugees from conflict and hunger in South Sudan have fled to Uganda. These women's stories are shocking.

A day in the life of a CARE mobile health team

Half the population of South Sudan do not have regular access to medical care – but CARE’s mobile health teams are there to help.

It's not about charity, it's about shared humanity

Read this story of how one man's sense of shared humanity helped to rescue a family of abandoned children.

A letter from our office in South Sudan

We were concerned about the safety of CARE’s staff in South Sudan. Here is Angelo Sakondo’s reply.

South Sudan: We won’t give up on you

To mark World Humanitarian Day 2016, Fred McCray, CARE Country Director in South Sudan, reflects on the courage and commitment of CARE’s humanitarian staff.

South Sudan: “Who will treat us when you leave?”

As conflict flares again in South Sudan, CARE’s health and nutrition support has never been more vital.

South Sudan at 5 years old: Young lives scarred by conflict

As fighting breaks out again in South Sudan, what is life like for girls like Chianyal and Nyasunday, forced from their homes by violence and now living in a UN-protected camp?

When you are as young as your country

Every day for Nyahok and South Sudan is a struggle to survive. Is that what life should be like for a 5-year-old?