Throughout COP26, we will be speaking up and amplifying the voices of climate activists who are demanding action on climate change around the world.

Restarting our humanitarian response in Afghanistan

CARE is restarting emergency humanitarian response in Afghanistan, where around 14 million people are currently going hungry.


We are calling for public and parliamentary support for strong UK Government action on gender justice and climate change.

Haiti earthquake 2021: CARE responding to deadly quake, amid food insecurity and COVID-19 crises

CARE responding to deadly quake in Haiti, a country already struggling with food insecurity, instability and COVID-19.

Where do you go? A glimpse of what life is like for migrants and refugees in Ecuador

These are just three stories among thousands from Venezuelan migrants and refugees seeking a better life in Ecuador.

South Sudan 10 years on: Local women leading change

As South Sudan celebrates 10 years of independence, it faces the worst humanitarian crisis in its short history.

Mona’s Story: “I want to help other displaced people like me.”

Yemen has been devastated by war, economic collapse, food shortages, cholera, and now COVID-19 – but Mona has not lost hope.

#Wednesday4Women: G7 need to Crack the Crisis

Like an earthquake exposing a fault line, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed and reinforced deep structural inequalities,