CARE Then and Now

CARE Then and Now: “Boxes of goodies”

Jim Marshall remembers the CARE packages he received as a teenager during the war – and he still has an unopened tin of butter from a CARE package!

CARE Then and Now: The generosity of strangers

Hugh and Tim Thomas received CARE packages - and their grandmother became one of the local organisers making sure "that the needy were in receipt of the wonderful food parcels".

CARE Then and Now: “My mother wept with joy”

Isabelle Robinson’s family received several CARE packages containing food, sweets and treats.

CARE packages: “What a wonderful surprise it was”

Rose McGowan received CARE packages at a time of hardship in Glasgow – she enjoyed the chocolates and sweets!

CARE packages: “What a morale boost they were”

“I was eight or nine years old before I knew what a banana tasted like,” says James Christie.

Then and Now: The box labelled with CARE

Pat Leslie remembers “the excitement of receiving the big brown cardboard box with the letters spelling CARE on the side”.

CARE Then and Now: “Memories from all those years ago”

Janet Stevenson recalls a life-long friendship that started with a CARE package.

CARE Then and Now: Some very happy memories

Edna Hughes recalls “some very happy memories for me at times of real stress!”