CARE Then and Now

“When a CARE package came, it was like Christmas”

Bernd Kadritzke shares his memories of receiving CARE packages in Germany after the war ended.

CARE Then and Now: The cornflakes smelled like magic!

Joseph Briddock remembers living in London during the war - and receiving CARE packages “from strangers across the ocean”.

CARE Then and Now: Giving the gift of warmth

Angelo Sakondo, who now works for CARE in South Sudan, remembers the CARE package his family received after war came to his village.

CARE Then and Now: Remembering ‘the forgotten generation’

David Anstis, one of the original UK recipients of CARE packages, compares 'the forgotten generation' of post-WW2 children with the plight of children living through conflict today.

A big help when we were short of money

Hilary Lewis (nee Howell) and her brother Keith remember clearly receiving CARE parcels sent to them and their widowed mother.

CARE packages: “The thrill of these parcels arriving”

Receiving CARE packages after World War 2, when rationing was still part of everyday life, “is a lasting memory for me to this day,” says Rosemary Iszatt.

“It was just lovely to receive the CARE packages”

Mrs Hilton, now aged 78 and living in Norfolk, remembers receiving CARE packages as a child in Germany after World War 2.

CARE packages: Christmas parcels at a time of rationing

David Anstis remembers receiving CARE packages at Christmas at a time when rationing still existed.