Our aims

CARE works with women and girls to achieve a more equal world

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CARE works around the world to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. We put women and girls in the centre because we know we cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal rights and opportunities.

CARE’s Vision 2030

As we reach the end of our five-year 2015-20 Program Strategy (see more details below), CARE has developed a new shared vision for the next 10 years. CARE’s Vision 2030 includes our main ambitions for the impact we would like to see, the organisational identity we need to embrace and the resource considerations required to accomplish this vision. Read more about our Vision 2030:

CARE Vision 2030

The vision was developed based on input from thousands of CARE staff and stakeholders around the world. CARE’s Vision 2030 aims to provide an idea and inspiration of what we want to jointly achieve as a global CARE confederation. CARE International UK is now developing our strategy for 2021 onwards to set out how we will contribute to achieving the ambitions set out in our shared Vision 2030.

The injustice of poverty

In spite of global progress in reducing absolute poverty, wide inequalities persist between and within countries, and between men and women. Working for poverty reduction and social justice: The CARE 2020 Program Strategy set out the vision for 2015-20 for how CARE globally will fight inequality in order to overcome the injustice of poverty. For a world of justice, without poverty sets out what CARE in the UK will do to help make this happen.

We will deliver lasting change

By 2020, CARE and our partners aim to support 150 million people from the most vulnerable and excluded communities to overcome poverty and social injustice. We put women and girls in the centre because we know that we cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal rights and opportunities.

Our goals

We commit to these specific outcomes by the end of 2020:

What we will do

Together with our partners, we will focus on three key roles:

Humanitarian action

We will respond to emergencies caused by conflict and natural disasters, and work with communities to encourage future resilience and equitable development.

Innovative solutions

We will support new ways of delivering essential services to poor and marginalised people, building capacity to tackle poverty, building resilience to reduce risk, and empowering the most vulnerable – particularly women and girls.

Multiplying impact

We will use the evidence, learning and innovation from our humanitarian action and long-term development programmes to influence broader social change and to ‘scale up’ to reach and benefit more people.

How we will do it

Strengthening gender equality and women’s voice

– lasting solutions and multiplying impact will only happen if development works for women, and women work for development.

Promoting dialogue and inclusive governance

– bringing people together to find and implement solutions.

Increasing resilience

– increasing the ability of people and communities to thrive in the face of climate change and conflict.

For a world of justice, without poverty

CARE International UK’s strategic plan for 2015-20 sets out how CARE in the UK will play a key part in achieving the ambition of the global CARE confederation to support 150 million people from the poorest and most excluded communities to overcome poverty and injustice by 2020.

Read a one-page summary of our 2015-20 strategy

Read For a world of justice, without poverty: CARE International UK strategy 2015-20

Our key roles will be in providing and transferring expertise (particularly in the areas of women’s economic empowerment, humanitarian action, inclusive governance, gender equality, and resilience); multiplying impact; and raising funds to achieve CARE’s goals.

We will monitor and review the strategy annually, and we will report back on progress in our annual reports.

CIUK Strategy 2015-20

CIUK Strategy 2015-20 - one-page summary