Thank you for your support throughout 2020

Malak recieves training on how to hygienically wash her hands from CARE community worker, Samah

2020. Let’s talk about it, and your unwavering support throughout.

In a year which can only be described as a ‘coronacoaster’, we want to thank you for being such loyal supporters, sticking with us through thick and thin. Let’s take a look at what your generosity has achieved this year.


Cast your mind back to early March, and the world was a very different place. We saw thousands of people come together and march through London to celebrate International Women’s Day, and make their voices heard when it comes to climate change and gender justice.

It’s hard to believe in a year where social distancing has been key, that so many of us came together to raise our voices collectively for something we believe in. We can’t wait until we can see you all together again in person.

Coronavirus appeal

The coronavirus pandemic spread rapidly, and you helped CARE react quickly, raising an incredible £335,000 to help adapt projects to be COVID safe, and ensure life-saving work continues all over the world. The coronavirus pandemic has made women and girls increasingly vulnerable, especially when it comes to domestic violence. Your generosity has allowed CARE and our partners to think outside the box – such as in Kenya, where our partner the Centre for Livelihood Advancement (CFLA) put hotline numbers on hand sanitiser bottles, giving vulnerable women and girls a way to report absue and seek help.

Dorothy Aseyo in CARE’s Kenya office said:

We put the hotline number on hand sanitiser because it helps the women reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 at the same time as offering a discreet place to keep the phone number – here in Kenya it is traditional for men to not go looking in women’s handbags.

Hand sanitiser bottle
The hand sanitiser bottle with details of the GBV helpline (photo © CFLA Kenya 2020)

Beirut blast

Just when the world thought nothing else could happen, there was a huge explosion in August in the port of Beirut, devastating surrounding areas. You came through once again to raise an incredible £157,000, to help the most vulnerable when they needed it most.

Thanks to your quick reaction and kindness, CARE – working with our local partners – was one of the first organisations to provide vital aid assistance in the form of hot meals and shelter. In the first month after the blast, CARE reached over 9,800 people with food parcels and hot meals, and we plan to provide support to 100,000 people over the next three years to help them recover and build back their livelihoods. This has all been made achievable by your support, thank you.

CARE workers carrying aid boxes from lorry in Beirut
CARE Lebanon distributing food packages after the explosion

Help Her Live, Learn and Earn

Your support for our Help Her Live, Learn and Earn campaign means that farmers in Tanzania have learned long-term strategies to reduce hunger and boost income. The project worked with farmers in the remote district of Same in Tanzania to try out new farming techniques that would increase crop yields and be more resilient to climate shocks and changes in weather patterns caused by climate change. One of the participating farmers, Kambini Kambini, told us:

I got a lot of benefits. I learned good agricultural practices, knowing the impacts of climate change and variability, making of organic fertiliser, conservation of moisture, how to best handle the harvests so as to minimise post-harvest losses, market linkages… My family is food secured now. I have managed to build an improved house. My community respects me and I am regularly invited to share the experience gained through this project.

Donations that you kindly gave were matched by the UK government through the UK Aid Match scheme, which directly funded the project in Tanzania. Thank you for supporting our Help Her Live, Learn and Earn campgain – and for helping women and girls live, learn and earn their way out of poverty. The success of this project would not have been achieved without your incredible support.

Joyce John with her onion crop
Joyce Johns with her store of harvested onions

A year of anniversaries

In a year which will be remembered for its unrelenting challenges, we took a moment to celebrate two big anniversaries! CARE began 75 years ago, sending CARE packages from the USA to people in Europe after World War 2. We believe it’s that spirit of human kindness - people sending help to other people in need, wherever they are - that makes CARE so special. And we’re confident in saying, the reason for CARE’s continued longevity is because we have the support of people like you.

Ruth, an original CARE package recipient, can see parallels between then and now:

I see a lot of people doing caring things for people in their communities during the current coronavirus crisis, and it makes me happy to think that 75 years from now, these acts of kindness will be remembered as fondly as I remember our CARE packages.

Ruth Martin, recipient of an original CARE package
Ruth Martin was one of the original recipients of a ‘CARE package’ after World War 2

Also in 2020, our microfinance initiative, Lendwithcare, celebrated its 10 year anniversary, having achieved some pretty impressive feats along the way. Lending to over 135,000 entrepreneurs to help them set up and grow a small business could not have been achieved without the incredible support of over 62,000 lenders, so thank you.

Celebrating 10 year anniversary of Lendwithcare
Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Lendwithcare

Here’s to another many more years and landmark anniversaries. We hope you’ll continue with us on our shared mission to fight poverty and injustice all over the world.

We simply cannot say thank you enough for sticking by us

It’s wonderful to know we have the backing of an incredibly generous group of supporters, who care about those most vulnerable in the world, even when experiencing hardships themselves this year.

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