Nepal earthquake: Training local people to build back safer

Single mother Sunita was trained by CARE to build earthquake-resilient houses - and her work is much in demand.

Nepal earthquake: I have found a passion for agriculture

One year on from the earthquakes, with help from CARE, Som Bahadur Tamang has a new livelihood as a market farmer.

Philippines: How cash grants helped farmers recover from typhoon

Following a typhoon that devastated farmers' fields, CARE was part of a consortium giving cash grants to farmers to rebuild livelihoods.

Children working: The only option for some refugee families

If refugees are not allowed to work, and are not given enough to survive on, what choice do they have but to seek alternatives?

Refugee families: A labour of love

36-year-old Sana, a refugee living in Jordan, has no choice but to work long hours in a poorly paid job so she can provide for her family.

Syrian refugees: Friendship in the face of war

Rania, Hana and Ghosoun are three friends who fled from the horror in Syria, to meet again by chance as refugees in Jordan.

Lendwithcare: The gift that keeps on giving

Lendwithcare lenders are making a real difference to the lives of people in poor communities in Vietnam.

How savings groups empower young women in Egypt

For young women, it’s not just about the money – being part of a savings group increases confidence, mobility, and opportunities to work.