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Caroline Nokes MP fields a question from her constituent on gender equality.

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It’s time for MPs and decision-makers to #StopTellingHalfTheStory

This is a critical moment for the world – and the UK has a key part to play, through UK Aid and as host of the G7 summit and the COP26 climate summit to be held in the UK later this year.

Already, many MPs are showing their support for our #StopTellingHalfTheStory campaign. Will you ask your MP to join in too?

MPs speaking up for women in leadership

Our fantastic supporters have been asking their MP to speak up for justice, speak up for equality, and speak up for more women leading the response to COVID and to climate change. It’s great that so many MPs are getting on board!

Caroline Nokes tweet

CARE supporter Hilary asked Caroline Nokes (above): what are you doing to ensure girls have equal opportunities to participate in society? Caroline Nokes replied:

The pandemic has taught us how important it is to make sure that you have women’s voices when decisions are made and that’s why I’m absolutely committed to making sure that we see more women in public life, in politics, playing their part.

Caroline Lucas tweet

CARE supporter Kate asked Caroline Lucas (above): what are you doing to create leadership opportunities for women and girls in a climate changed future? Caroline Lucas replied:

The climate crisis is absolutely my number one priority and a just transition to a climate-safe future for you and your children is absolutely critical. The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill is just one of the ways I’m working to put women and girls, here in the UK and globally, right at the heart of the climate emergency.

We want as many MPs as possible to show their support and join the call for action in a critical year as we face some of the biggest crises the world has seen.

Because right now, the world is in crisis. And now is the time to stop telling half the story.

It’s time to tell the story of women and girls speaking up about justice, about equality, about climate, about COVID. It’s time to raise our voices with women around the world and demand a say in the decisions that matter.

If we can get MPs to publicly support women’s leadership, we can put real pressure on the UK government to listen to women’s voices and actively promote women’s leadership in 2021 through UK Aid, and at COP26 and the G7.

Will your MP commit to supporting women’s leadership? Email your MP now and ask them to show their support and #StopTellingHalfTheStory.

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