Food and hunger

What climate change means for poor people: 4 stories

For women like Nana, Sumati, Carmen and Josiane, climate change is happening now: they have no choice but to adapt to a changing world.

El Niño: “Everything has changed”

The weather phenomenon known as El Nino has led to drought and food shortages across the world, including in Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea.

South Sudan: Malnutrition crisis in Mayom county

One in three children in Mayom county is acutely malnourished as the ongoing conflict prevents people from planting crops.

Growing humanitarian crisis in northern Mali

Thousands of families fleeing armed conflict in northern Mali are in desperate need of food and clean water.

Winter for Syrian refugees: ‘I do not want to die yet’

In the northern Jordanian city Irbid live Leila* and her grandchildren. They fled their home in Daraa Syria more than two years ago...

Marlina’s story: How your help transformed a life

I can’t stop staring at the girl sitting in front of me. I can’t help it. Today is Marlina’s 12th birthday. When I first met her in Aceh, Indonesia, after the tsunami, she was two years old, and she was dying.

"It was all burned, burned to ash": Mary’s story

Mary Mbek Anger (name changed) doesn't know exactly how old she is. With no birth certificate she can only guess. But she assumes she's around 70 give or take a few years.

South Sudan: The people continue to suffer

The head chief worries about the great suffering he sees ahead, particularly hunger.