Covid. Injustice. Climate change. Together, we can #CrackTheCrises


In 2021, the UK can make a massive difference on climate, injustice and Covid recovery.

2020 disrupted our lives in unimaginable ways. In 2021 we must come together against the biggest challenges of our time.

Together we can #CrackTheCrises and make this a year of recovery and renewal.

In 2021, the UK will host two critical summits, the G7 (in June) and the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference (in November).

CARE is part of a coalition of 30 organisations uniting nature, development, climate change and UK social justice groups. We have come together to demand that the UK government seizes this opportunity to play a leading role to crack the inter-linked crises of Covid, injustice and climate change – and build a just and green recovery. We must:


The coronavirus pandemic has illuminated both our vulnerability and our resilience. We’ve also seen how inter-connected we all are, across the UK and across the world.

The UK government should work with others to ensure everyone who needs the vaccine can get it without a global ‘jabs race’ that leaves the poor behind.

In the UK, they should make sure nobody has to choose between their life and their livelihood, with proper support for everyone who needs help with finances during the pandemic.


The inequality and systemic injustices that Covid has both illuminated and accelerated are leaving countries and communities without the resources to protect their people.

The UK government should reverse its planned cut to life-saving aid and work with others to drop the debt paid by the poorest countries and get every child into school.

Here at home they should make sure no child is hungry or locked out of learning by the pandemic.

Everyone everywhere should be safe. Governments must take a consistent stand against violations of human rights and international law, taking action to prevent conflict and support those harmed by it, including by resettling refugees.

Everyone everywhere should be free. Nobody should be held back by poverty or discrimination. The voices of those least often heard – women, children and young people – must guide all the work of the recovery.


Our world is on course for catastrophic climate change. At COP26 governments must come together to set credible 2030 national targets to achieve a zero carbon economy. The economic recovery packages being designed right now, and all decisions about housing, transport, energy, agriculture, fisheries, imports and finance, must be used to dramatically accelerate a just transition to a zero carbon world.

Those hit worst must be put first. The UK government must show leadership as host of this year’s crucial climate talks to scale up global financial support for adaptation and new sources of finance for loss and damage. At home they need to deliver a green new deal that includes millions of good green jobs to provide more and better support for communities on the frontline of the climate and ecological emergency.

Globally, we are losing species apace, and our ecosystems are on the brink. We need global and national commitments to halt and start to reverse the loss of habitats and species. There is no time to waste – we need to do this now.

The world is watching

The #CrackTheCrises coalition commissioned a YouGov poll that shows British people demand ‘global moral leadership’ against Covid, inequality and climate change – with 57% of people saying governments should keep their promises even if it’s hard to do, or circumstances change.

This year, it is crucial that we hold our leaders to account and come together to #CrackTheCrises. Find out more at and be part of the movement for a fair and just future for people and planet.

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