Sunbites: Light Her Path for a brighter future

Students in in Kaiserganj Bahraich, India

Girls around the world still face more barriers to schooling than boys. An estimated 130 million girls are not in school because of financial difficulties, inaccessible schools, and household or other family related duties which limit their time and opportunity to participate in formal schooling.

CARE has been tackling this inequity through its adolescent girls’ education programme SOAR. SOAR is bridging this gap through targeted learning centres that provide quality primary and secondary education for out-of-school adolescent girls.

Now, Sunbites and CARE have joined forces in the Light Her Path initiative to build more learning centres so more girls can get a good education and shine. Sunbites and CARE believe that good grows – in supporting girls to receive an education, their whole community benefits. Statistics show that girls who attend school tend to delay getting married and having children, suffer illness less often, and are more likely to earn higher incomes throughout their lives.