CARE and The Jimmy Choo Foundation: Supporting entrepreneurial women through Lendwithcare

Soeurng Rina, a Lendwithcare entrepreneur in Cambodia, in her shop

CARE and The Jimmy Choo Foundation have been working together since 2016 to support entrepreneurs, through Lendwithcare, to access the finance they need to develop their own micro enterprises, helping them to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Transforming lives through entrepreneurship and Lendwithcare

Entrepreneurship is a globally acknowledged solution to poverty reduction, yet women face endemic barriers to it.

Today 63% of female entrepreneurs in poor countries do not have access to basic financial services, such as savings, bank accounts or credit. This means they are often unable to obtain capital for investment to start or develop their small business idea.

This affects all the family as it limits their ability to save, invest and plan for the future and stops children from going to school.

CARE’s innovative online platform, Lendwithcare, allows  employees to personally choose a  poor entrepreneur who needs access to credit and training and make a loan so they can unlock their potential. The investment directly transforms their lives, helping them to start and grow their own businesses and find their own routes out of poverty.

Our partnership with Jimmy Choo Foundation has supported over 1,000 entrepreneurs, like Nusrat (below), in 12 countries through Lendwithcare. The entrepreneurs have been able to start or expand their own small businesses, and are also helping more than 2,767 people in their communities.

Lendwithcare entrepreneur Nusrat Bibi
Lendwithcare entrepreneur Nusrat Bibi

Supporting women to have a greater impact on poverty

Nusrat Bibi is a shoe-making business owner from Pakistan. She is married with five children. Nusrat works from home making men’s shoes with rexine and leather. She does specialised work and buys all of her material from the market, and sells her products to shoe makers.

Nusrat wanted to grow and develop her business but before Lendwithcare struggled to find the required funds she needed. Thanks to the loan she received from The Jimmy Choo Foundation, she has been able to grow her business by investing in materials she needs to make the shoes. She is now starting to make a profit which she uses to support her family.