Walking Tips

On average we each walk 4k steps per day in the UK. At more than double this, 10k steps may be a challenge, but for most people it is perfectly possible to fit into your everyday life. However walking about 5 miles or 8 km a day for a week may take some planning. If you are stuck for ideas check out the tips below. 

If five miles isn't enough of a challenge then go ahead and set yourself a bigger target!

Keeping count of your steps

There are all manner of wearable gadgets available to help you record your daily steps, including a classic pedometer to clip to your waistband - for an additional £5 you can purchase a pedometer when you sign up to Walk In Her Shoes. There are also many different downloadable apps that can help you track your progress on your smartphone. We think the Pacer app is pretty top notch, especially because you can create walking groups with friends and family who are taking part and compare your daily steps in real-time. There's both an iPhone version and Android version available to download.

At work

Before your working day even starts you can add steps into your day by parking further from work or jumping on public transport stop later than normal. Better still, set off earlier and complete the whole journey by foot! When you're at work choose the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to the toilets on a different floor, or simply make sure you take your lunch break and get out walking!

If you've got an office dog then take the pooch with you too for extra purpose! And at the end of the day you can hop off public transport a little earlier to get a few extra steps in before you reach your front door.


At home 

There's more ways to build up your on-foot mileage than you'd think at home. From walking on the spot while you brush your teeth to climbing the stairs a few extra times per day, you'll soon be stacking up the steps on your pedometer.

Even vacuuming can become less of a chore as you zoom about in the knowledge that, on average, you'll rack up 94 steps per minute. If it's nice weather then why not venture out and wash the car by hand for a few hundred more steps?

Out and about 

Doing the school run on foot, parking in the furthest corner of the supermarket car park or taking the stairs instead of an escalator at the shops are all ways to help reach your target when you're out and about.

Dog walking is also a great way to stack up the steps and the family hound will surely be glad of the extra exercise. Don't have a dog? Borrow the neighbour’s or find out about a dog borrowing service in your area.