Kosovo: Young men learn new ways to Be A Man

Is picking up rubbish and having fun at the same time possible? 16-year-old Gramos Salihu from Pristina thinks so.

Mali: How ‘host’ communities help internally displaced people

Despite going through a difficult time herself, Fatimata has welcomed and supported others who are even less fortunate.

Walk In Her Shoes: A journey like no other

Every day, 14-year-old Ayanna rises before dawn to embark on a gruelling journey to fetch water for her family.

Haiti: Innovative savings scheme helps women rebuild their lives

Mireille has rebuilt her life since the earthquake, through the help of her community and an innovative micro-savings programme.

Pakistan: Rebuilding after floods

About 4.8 million people in southern Pakistan have had to leave their homes because of flooding. CARE is helping them rebuild.

DRC: Rape as a weapon of war

Read Jolly’s story [not her real name] to find out the impact when rape is used as a weapon of war.

Lesotho: Declining crop production sparks food crisis

Mamatsuri, a 33-year-old widow, was not able to harvest this or last year. Currently she has no food in reserve.

Bangladesh: Building flood-resistant homes

An emergency relief team including CARE is constructing over 11,000 flood-resistant houses and latrines to cope with annual flooding.