Haiti earthquake: How CARE rebuilds alongside local people

"Life was very hard… But now I have a house and I am gaining weight again."

A new era for mothers and babies in Budar, Nepal

In far western Nepal, the terrain makes travel difficult and people have little access to health care facilities.

Peru: Making people’s voices heard in health care provision

Peru has the second highest maternal mortality rate in South America - but CARE's Participatory Voices project is helping women stand up for better health care.

Uganda: “The savings and loans project has empowered me”

Florence Okello is a member of a CARE savings and loans group, and an activist against gender-based violence. This is her story.

HIV and AIDS: Overcoming stigma and stereotypes in Mozambique

At 22 years old, Matilde Alfiado and her friends aren’t afraid to ask for condoms - thanks to CARE's counselling and education programme for people living with, or at risk of, HIV.

"I love to study": Improving education in Nicaragua

For young girls in Nicaragua, a quality education is a ticket out of the vicious cycle of poverty.