Eliza’s story: “I want more water for my crops”

I have got real problems, so much. We get nothing to eat and we have no water.

Eliza Msangi lives in a small house in Bangalala village, Tanzania, with her four children and her grandchildren. She’s a farmer but like many others in her village, the lack of rain in recent years has meant it’s getting harder and harder to earn a living – or even to harvest enough to feed her family. In fact, she often has to rely on her adult son to find food for the family:

I depend on my child. If he goes and gets luck to get some food, we eat; and if he does not, we starve. So it is a problem.

Eliza with her livestock in an enclosure on her farm

However, Eliza says that if she could get reliable access to water to irrigate her crops, she could grow not just maize but other crops such as cabbage and tomatoes.  Just being able to grow vegetables in her garden would make a huge difference. She says:

If I have my 2 to 3 gardens, if I can plant my vegetables, I can eat even if I have nothing else.

Eliza with children outside her home

Bangalala is one of the villages in the Same district of Tanzanai where our project will improve water conservation to use for irrigating crops, and provide training to farmers like Eliza so they can grow more food, feed their families and earn an income.

With your support, things could get much better for Eliza and her family.

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